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  • Beef Burgers and Fries (healthy nutrition)

    Beef Burgers and Fries (healthy nutrition)

    I like meat. Period. I am a carnivore and enjoy clean healthy food. This is another one of my favorite meals (you can pre-make your sweet potato fries and sauteed mushrooms and have them ready to heat up). In my fridge, we always have some kind of meat. This time it was 95% lean ground beef (yes, you guessed it, from Wegmans). And of course trying to keep it, simple, quick and clean, here is my latest lunch. You might think this is a lot of calories, but when you think about it, an average person needs at least 1500 to 2000 calories every day to sustain their weight and people who are fairly active, even if they are trying to lose weight need calories. So don't be afraid of calories as ....

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  • A Tasty, Simple Breakfast (The Beginner's Guide to Nutrition)

    A Tasty, Simple Breakfast (The Beginner's Guide to Nutrition)

    Hi! It's Sophy again. This is another easy to make yet tasty breakfast that I love! It takes me about 5 minutes to make this in the morning, and there's very little cleanup involved afterward. It really is a simple meal, but it's delicious! I take half a cups of oats and pour them into a microwave-safe bowl with a little over a cup of water. Microwave for 2 minutes. Then I chop up an apple and pour that into the oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder. Mix it up and enjoy! Depending on what fruit you have on hand you can alter this to your tastes. Sometime I slice up a pear or two bananas instead of an apple. TOTAL CALORIES: 355 TOTAL GRAMS OF PROTEIN: 25 #Nutrition #Nutrition ....

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  • Salsa Turkey Meatloaf Leftover Snack (a toast to Nutrition)

    Salsa Turkey Meatloaf Leftover Snack (a toast to Nutrition)

    I just posted the Salsa Turkey Meatloaf recipe in my previous blog (you can look it up on in the blog section). And as I said before, with this one, you will have a lot of leftovers. I like to sneak into the kitchen between training sessions when I crave something warm and nutritious. Just snatch about 8oz of the meatloaf, throw it on some romaine lettuce with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and you have a great snack that is low calorie, high in protein and filling and delicious. It will get you through a little afternoon "low". I love leftovers. I would love it if you told us how you like this one. My goal is to spread simple recipes with a great nutritional ....

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  • Salsa Turkey Meatloaf (simple Nutrition)

    Salsa Turkey Meatloaf (simple Nutrition)

    Here we go again! Simple meal with a ton of protein and GOOD carbs! Another one of my favorites, because it is simple, quick and leaves you with a ton of leftovers (unless you have a bunch of teen agers who eat everything in sight, lol). This is a recipe that you will love. Very few ingredients and its delicious. Ginger/Carrot rice - cook white rice (2 or 3 cups), sautee ginger, garlic with salt and peppper in about 1 tbsp of olive oil alond with a bag of pre-cut carrots (available in various forms and shapes at Wegmans). Once carrots and ginger are sauteed, mix in the rice and if you like, add some soy sauce (if you happen to have some at home). What I like to do is to buy a ginger root, ....

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  • My Favorite Breakfast! (Are You New To Nutrition?)

    My Favorite Breakfast! (Are You New To Nutrition?)

    Hi! My name is Sophy, and I'm the executive assistant of BBS Lifestyle. I also happen to be one of Silvia's kids! In the mornings, I don't usually have a lot of time before my classes, and this nutritious breakfast is super filling and easy to make! It's my go-to meal for when I don't have time to make anything else. Two eggs mixed with two servings sizes of egg whites (serving size depends on where you're getting your egg whites), on a pan with some olive oil spray. While my eggs are cooking, I chop up a tomato and pour myself a cup of Fairlife milk. I'm lactose intolerant like my mama, so I LOVE Fairlife milk. Once my eggs are done, I put everything together on a plate with a pouch of ....

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  • Nutrition Coaching Recipes for Busy Professionals - Pho and Chicken!

    Nutrition Coaching Recipes for Busy Professionals - Pho and Chicken!

    I thought some of you might like a a quick, great tasting, filling and warm lunch idea if you literally have NO time to cook. I often end up stretched to the max, hungry and craving something warm and delish, esp. now in the winter. Even it its quick and tasty, it doesn't have to be bad for you. Always aim for High Protein. And there is my chicken breast in a can. How much easier can this get ? Just boil water, get your Pho ready and throw the chicken breast into your soup. No dishes, no mess, no clean up! I personally love this combination. I hope some of you will give it a try, let me know if you do and how you like it! Bon Appetit!!! TOTAL CALORIES: 460 TOTAL PROTEIN: 40 GRAMS ....

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  • Guilt Free Coffee and Cake

    Guilt Free Coffee and Cake

    What do you crave after a long walk in snow, or after a fun snow ball fight, or just after being outdoors on a cold snowy day? Well, I crave a cup of coffee and something sweet. You know me, I will find a way to eat protein no matter what - snacking smart and guilt free. I love Fairlife Fat Free Milk - I call it Protein milk, because 1 cup of it has 13g of Protein and only 80 calories. Its also specially filtered and stripped of lactose (a lot of people, including me, are lactose intolerant) so a great way to enjoy milk without the repercussions. Now for the cake. Well, I dig around, and try and test different products and when I find something I like, it will be in my pantry. This brand ....

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    I wanted to touch on something that people don't see when it comes to success stories in health and fitness. All people see is the before and after picture (or progress picture). Thinking, ah.. there has to be a magic formula, new diet, new equipment or some cleanse. Right ? WRONG ! It is a combination of many things that create a Lifestyle. Its a process and it takes TIME. This is Jesse and these two picture were taken no 2 weeks apart, or 2 months apart .. they were taken 2 years apart. Yes, that is what it takes to achieve sustainable change. Everything I am listing above is very important for succeeding on your journey - whether it's weight loss, or muscle gain, or balance, or ....

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    I get this question a lot. WHY .. Why is protein so important for weight loss? Here are some answers to this question and I hope it clarifies and motivates you to eat more protein. It is the Easiest, Simplest and Most Delicious Way to Lose Weight. Protein is the single most important nutrient for weight loss and a better looking body. A high protein intake: boosts metabolism - makes you burn more calories digesting and metabolizing Protein burns calories reduces appetite and makes you eat fewer calories changes several weight-regulating hormones cuts cravings and reduces desire for late-night snacking helps prevent muscle loss and metabolic slowdown Here is a link ....

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  • Pantry Basics

    Pantry Basics

    Here is an interesting one. Pantry Basics. A friend of mine recently asked if I could share what's in my pantry, so here it goes. The main message I am trying to get out is this: Have your pantry stocked with PROTEIN. In all its shapes and forms! From protein powder, shakes and protein sources like tuna packs and chicken breast cans (yes, don't judge me, we eat it sometimes and its a great protein source, inexpensive, ready to use, low in calories). We add chicken breast into soups for example (like tomato soup or lentil soup or pho soup), or throw some into scrambled eggs. We also make chicken breast dips with yogurt and spices and it's delish! You can do amazing dips with tuna packs! You ....

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