Oh the Joy of Egg Whites...

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Oh the Joy of Egg Whites...

Do you like to eat? A lot? Then I like you. Because I like to eat a lot. But I also like to put good stuff into my body so I can function properly.

Now, I am a business owner, trainer/coach and a single mom of 2 teenagers. Raising my kiddos, running a successful business and training 

and coaching clients doesn't leave much time for me to spend in the kitchen. Time..that is the main excuse I hear when I talk about food prep

and cooking with my friends and clients. Nobody has time (for cooking healthy food apparently, lol). So my blogging efforts are focused on healthy

meals that are QUICK, inexpensive and EASY TO MAKE.  Egg whites are a staple in my fridge (you can do this with eggs too if you don't like egg whites)

and this is a very quick breakfast or afternoon snack (yes, I consider this a snack). Here it goes:

1 cup of egg whites -- 130 calories / 27g of protein

1 to 1,5 cup of sauteed veggies (onion, mushroom, pepper and tomato)  120 calories / 3g of protein (a good tip - have all veggies chopped up in tupperware in your fridge every week fresh)

Sautee veggies in a pan with spices you like (spray the pan with olive oil), put on your plate and then pour the cup of egg whites and let them cook. Done.

Put them on your plate next to your veggies and enjoy! If you want to be fancy, drizzle some balsamic glaze onto your egg whites. Voila !


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