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  • Celebrating Shiny Happy People

    Celebrating Shiny Happy People

    Celebrating Shiny Happy People - Teri and Andy Murphy This couple - Teri and Andy Murphy - has been with BBS Lifestyle for many years now and there have been many fun moments in our partnership over the years. I took this picture last week because they were literally shiny and happy and I wanted to capture that. We always start our sessions with the question "How are you doing today?" and Andy said, "Better and better!" That is the way we want our clients and friends to feel every day. This feeling comes when you have a mentor and consistent support and accountability. Nobody ever achieved anything ALONE. Teri and Andy know that and make sure they stay connected. You both inspire me! ....

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  • Why You Must Stretch Prior To Exercise (Personal Training)

    Why You Must Stretch Prior To Exercise (Personal Training)

    Happy Friday! Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Must Stretch Prior To Exercise: 1. Reduces muscle tension and makes the body feel relaxed. 2. Helps coordination by allowing freer and easier movement. 3. Increase range of motion 4. Prevents injuries such as muscle strains.( A strong pre-stretched muscle resists stress better than a strong un-stretched muscle.) 5. Stretching helps to prepare your body for the exercise it’s about to get .It’s a way of signaling the muscles that they are about to be used. 6. Avoid tired ,stiff and sore muscles 7. Promotes circulation 8. Better flexibility 9. Develop Body Awareness 10. It feels good Many people can be misled by the phrase, "No Pain, No ....

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  • Protein-Loaded Summer Snack! (Nutrition Coaching)

    Protein-Loaded Summer Snack! (Nutrition Coaching)

    Hi, it's Sophy again! Today my mom (Silvia) made me a delicious snack. She combined yogurt with whipped cream and fruit! It's super refreshing, and so creamy! I'm a sweet tooth so I LOVE fruit and whipped cream. The yogurt was only 90 calories and had 15 grams of protein! The whipped cream is about 15 calories, and the berries don't really need to be counted. Total Calories: 120 Total grams of Protein: 15 What's your favorite healthy snack? Let me know! ....

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  • Virtual Small Group Training! (Virtual Group Personal Training)

    For some people, the last year has been a cycle of trying out new fitness routine after new fitness routine. For others, it’s been a year of not getting much exercise at all. At BBS Lifestyle, we know how hard it can be to find a sustainable program when we’re limited to working out primarily from our homes. That’s why we’ve put together a cutting-edge Virtual Small Group Fitness program that can help people of all fitness levels find success. We’re combining strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and individualized instruction to help you reach your goals. These classes are set for groups of 4 to 8 people at a time and are a great solution if you are ....

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  • Are You Drinking Enough Water? (Nutrition Coaching)

    Are You Drinking Enough Water? (Nutrition Coaching)

    Ok, summer is here and with it the heat and humidity and we are all sweating! The question I get A LOT lately is: How much water should I drink? While everyone knows to drink "plenty" of water, not many people know actually how much they should drink and often shy away with the excuse, "I will have to sit in the bathroom all day if I drink a gallon a day!" Well, here is a simple rule for water intake! Divide your body weight in pounds by 2 and that number is how many ounces of water you should drink per day. For example, I weigh about 145lbs, divided by 2 I should drink about 72.5 ounces of water 💧 And drinking "plenty" of water is one of the basics of healthy lifestyle. It doesn't have ....

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  • 53 And Fabulous! (Personal Training)

    53 And Fabulous! (Personal Training)

    This is Jill, she is 53 years old and she has been embracing a healthy lifestyle. Her success didn't happen over night and she isn't finished. Jill understands that this is a process, not a destination. Key to living a healthy lifestyle is to ENJOY the process as much as THE OUTCOME. And it starts with simple habits - basics of a healthy life style - sleep, water, nutrients, movement and support. Jill went from about 160lbs to 140lbs once she started to really embrace: SLEEP (7 to 9 hours) WATER (more on this topic in another post that is coming this week) NUTRIENTS (sufficient protein and calorie deficit) MOVEMENT (resistance training) SUPPORT (coach to hold her accountable) She ....

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  • Setting A Healthy Example! (Personal Training)

    Yesterday, I was training one of my clients, Alex, and her son Sammi wanted to get in on the fun! Sometimes it can be hard to make time for yourself in your busy schedule, especially if you have a little kid at home. Alex is maintaining a good balance between her work, her life, and her fitness goals! She's teaching her son how to have a healthy lifestyle with good food and consistent exercise. This little guy is going to grow up to be as fit as his awesome mama! You rock, Sammi and Alex! Who is your example of a healthy lifestyle you want? Who do you look up to and learn from? I would love to know! ....

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  • Why Are Older Adults Indifferent, Scared, and/or Reluctant to Exercise?

    Why Are Older Adults Indifferent, Scared, and/or Reluctant to Exercise?

    Why Are Older Adults Indifferent, Scared, and/or Reluctant to Exercise? Exercise can bring numerous benefits to older adults, both physically and psychologically, so why aren’t older adults active enough? Sometimes the biggest challenges to training, or even attempting any exercise at all, are perceived barriers. To include just a few, there's fear of injury, not feeling confident, exercising on your own, and lack of knowledge on what to do. One of the challenges I’m often faced with is a lack of interest in starting an exercise program, which is often confusing, since potential(and current) clients demonstrate a clear understanding that more activity means better health. Some ....

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  • You Can Stop The Clock! (Virtual Personal Training)

    You Can Stop The Clock! (Virtual Personal Training)

    You Can Stop the Clock! Despite all the anti-aging products pushed on us, it's inevitable that we will get older. However, some of the things we lose as we age can actually be prevented, including: Strength and Muscle: Sarcopenia is the fancy term scientists have given to describe loss of muscle, strength, and quality of tissue often seen in older adults. Some experts have suggested that muscle mass declines about 1 percent each year from age 30. Cardio Endurance: As we age, we often lose aerobic fitness and experts believe this contributes to reduced mobility in daily life. Flexibility: Joints change with age and this can lead to stiffness, decreased range of motion and more injuries ....

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  • Join Us For A FREE Cardio-Abs Session! (Virtual Personal Training)

    Join Us For A FREE Cardio-Abs Session! (Virtual Personal Training)

    The weekend is almost here and I wanted to remind you of our FREE Cardio Abs Workout that we do EVERY Saturday @10.30am. Join us! Its fun and a great way to start your weekend. Everybody is welcome 🙂 Simply go to, scroll down to Cardio Abs and click on the JOIN button. We are looking forward to seeing you there! ....

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