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Utilizing virtual fitness classes as the pandemic continues to force employees to stay home, away from their employers’ on-site fitness centers or missing out on gym memberships offered as a benefit, is becoming crucial when it comes to their health and wellness. While BBS Lifestyle is based out of Arlington, we're able to help serve businesses from virtually anywhere with our services.

All the wellness dimensions—physical, financial, emotional, social and environmental—are interconnected, but physical wellness and focusing on fitness is seen as a smart move during the pandemic, giving employees an opportunity to be active and stay connected.

The transition to work from home was—and still is—hard. Providing an outlet for employees to continue with their physical wellness is crucial and over time will likely have a positive impact on the other wellness dimensions.

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Ultimately, this is much bigger than missing a few workouts. People are suddenly isolated indoors with no connection to the outside world, leaving them feeling stressed, anxious and unable to focus. And while they are worried about their jobs and trying to balance work and life, they are simultaneously struggling to maintain a healthy diet, not getting enough sleep and worrying about finances. BBS Lifestyle is happy to work with you to create a customized experience that will help employees achieve greater things at home as well as in the workplace.

None of this is going away any time soon. The only way to reliably and equitably reach employees where they are is through digital wellbeing solutions that treat the whole spectrum of wellbeing, especially their physical fitness. Our goal is to not only help our local community of businesses here in Arlington, but also deliver these benefits to hard-working employees across the country.

Although coronavirus is to thank for a bigger transition to virtual fitness, chances are the trend will continue post-pandemic—especially as coronavirus pushes a bigger number of employees to stay remote.

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While COVID-19 is requiring the majority of employees to stay at home, company leaders increasingly say they likely will continue to embrace work-from-home options. For instance, data finds that 82% of company leaders surveyed by research firm Gartner say their organizations plan to permit employees to work remotely at least part of the time even after the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the end of the day, the main goal of our Corporate Wellness program for employees is to keep everyone engaged, productive, and happy in their day-to-day work. Remote work can be isolating when there’s not an intentional effort to connect with your teammates on a personal level. That is another reason why virtual fitness classes are a great way to fight disconnection and support feeling as a part of a team, even if only a virtual one right now.

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